Darren's professionalism in being on top of key areas, his accounting background and experience in working on his own business were the keys to us having faith in what he preached. He is very passionate about what he does and provided us with issues to stimulate our minds and open our eyes to the bigger picture in working on our business. I am very pleased to recommend Darren to any small business like ours. Dale Hyland, Hyland Sportswear Pty Ltd
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As in many small businesses, personal and business matters often overlap and Darren's involvement here has been significant. Darren raised the need to review asset protection and estate planning and sourced appropriate advice to help identify and protect at risk assets. This included correct ownership and placement of personal assets and business assets (including the transfer of our business premises to our self-managed superannuation fund). In short- getting the small businessman's affairs in order.

- Allen McMillan, Managing Director, Equine Science Distributions Pty Ltd

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