In the time that I have known Darren, he has shown himself to be an extremely diligent, professional and trustworthy person. Darren, at different times, has been a mentor, a coach, a sounding board and at other times when necessary he has been a challenger and a devil's advocate. As the breadth of activities undertaken demonstrates, Darren's involvement with me has been all encompassing. In all respects, I have found him to be a pleasure to deal with. Allen McMillan, Managing Director, Equine Science Distributions Pty Ltd
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Darren has pushed the importance of profitability. He developed a sales system that ensures each job is costed, quoted and priced professionally every time at maximum profit. Darren has helped take the business from moderate profitability to significant sustained profits. He has also created a focus on preparing the business for sale. In particular, he has helped me understand the importance of not only booking profits but being aware of building my personal wealth.

- Craig Roylance, Managing Director, Linc Building Solutions Pty Ltd

Words of Influence
Consulting Services
  • Management Consulting
  • Management & Leadership Mentoring
  • Staff Mentoring
  • Family Business Mentoring
  • Management Consulting
    Business Influence offers a wide range of consulting services to small & medium business including:
    • Business planning
    • Strategic planning
    • Financial analysis
    • Personnel systems, recruitment and retention
    • Systemisation of business processes
    • Leadership development & mentoring
    • Mentoring of key personnel


    The purpose of providing consulting services is to help small & medium businesses complete ad hoc assignments. We understand that business owners need help from time to time on special projects and assignments. Often, they do not have the skills required for the project in-house and may not have existing relationships with experienced available consultants who have the suitable skill sets to attend to the project


    We have the flexibility and expertise to attend to a vast array of consulting assignments for small & medium business owners. We work closely with you and your team throughout the entire project or assignment.

    We agree on the scope of our engagement prior to commencing work. Project needs are discussed up-front and our clients are charged either a fixed-fee or hourly rate for the consulting assignment. We commit to establishing a timeline and completion of the consulting project to your absolute satisfaction.
    Management & Leadership Mentoring
    Business Influence offers Management & Leadership Mentoring to small & medium business owners.


    We assist small & medium business owners in:

    • Identifying personal leadership talents, strengths and areas for improvement
    • Gaining confidence in communicating as a leader
    • Inspiring a shared vision in their team
    • Building collaboration, teamwork and trust
    • Developing leadership and management strengths within the current team and for the future
    • Process training and development

    Leadership development is delivered in coaching or workshop format customised to your business’ needs. Prior to leadership development, individuals are reviewed to identify their leadership strengths and weaknesses.
    Staff Mentoring 

    Business Influence offers Staff Mentoring to employees of small & medium businesses.


    We assist small & medium businesses through mentoring staff members in:

    • Understanding accountabilities and key priorities
    • Dealing with people
    • Utilising different management styles and techniques
    • Time management
    • Developing leadership and management skills
    • Performance evaluation
    • Career advancement and promotion
    • Conflict resolution
    • Process training and development


    Staff mentoring is delivered in individual or workshop sessions with business owners and team members. The structure for staff mentoring is based on understanding your business particular needs as well as the individual needs of each team member.
    Family Business Mentoring 
    Business Influence offers Family Business Mentoring to family members of small & medium businesses.


    We assist family businesses by mentoring family members through:

    • Independently reviewing the family structure, hierarchy and history
    • Identifying individual family members needs and how this fits the current business
    • Identifying the business needs and how this fits individual family members needs
    • Defining individual family members accountabilities and key priorities
    • Maintaining successful business and personal relationships within the family
    • Identifying and adopting the most appropriate management styles and techniques
    • Performance evaluation within the family
    • Reviewing current and future leadership roles
    • Succession discussions
    • Conflict resolution
    • Process training and development


    Family Business mentoring is delivered in individual and workshop sessions with family business members. The structure for family business mentoring is based on understanding your family business as well as the individual needs of each family member.

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