Since starting together, Darren has helped me transform my business from one of potential into a professional, productive and most importantly profitable business. Darren's previous experience as a business owner means he understands the day to day issues relating to running a small business.
Craig Roylance, Managing Director, Linc Building Solutions Pty Ltd
B.Comm, CA
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I believe both my business and personal life have benefited enormously from my involvement with Darren, and just as Darren was recommended to me, I have no hesitation in giving him the highest possible recommendation as a business consultant and mentor
- Allen McMillan, Managing Director, Equine Science Distributions Pty Ltd
Words of Influence

Small and Medium Business Owners :

Do you want to dramatically improve your business performance?

Are you failing to achieve optimal performance in your business? Are you frustrated by moderate profits, limited growth, low productivity and constant staff issues while you work harder and harder without seeing significant improvement?

Being in business today is a challenge. You and your team are so focused on day to day operational issues that there never seems any time available for strategy, planning, growing the business and developing your people. The business depends on you. But who helps you?

Are you a small or medium business owner? Are you wanting to grow your business, considering starting a new business or are looking to exit your business and want to:

• Significantly increase profits …
• Dramatically increase the value of your business…
• Demonstrate outstanding leadership…
• Build a leading team…
• Raise productivity…
• Develop a clear strategic direction for your business…
• Motivate and empower your team…
• Measure your performance better…
• Feel in control, less stressed and frustrated…

That's where we help you with an approach that's proven to work.

Imagine the significant increase in the value of your business if you had help to drive success. We work with a toolkit of proven business analysis & development strategies specifically relevant to small & medium businesses. Applying these methods will approach business improvement systematically. By focusing on the strategic direction of the business and implementing key systems and processes, you will be more successful and produce better results with less stress and frustration in your life.

Hi, I'm Darren Bourke, owner of Business Influence. I have specialised in helping owners and management of small & medium business improve their business performance for over 18 years. I have developed a suite of services to help business owners maximise profit, productivity, people and performance.

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We provide coaching and consulting services specifically
developed for the small & medium business owner.
Growth Service For owners of established businesses that want accelerated business growth. To learn more go to Growth Service
Kick Start Service For owners that are about to start up their own business, or who have only recently commenced business. To learn more go to Kick Start Service
Succession Service - For owners of mature businesses preparing for succession or sale of business. To learn more go to Succession Service
Consulting Services We provide small and medium privately owned, or family-owned businesses, with a wide range of consulting services including:
• Management Consulting        • Management & Leadership Mentoring
• Staff Mentoring                    • Family Business Mentoring
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